Lecture: AI and Egyptology

On Tuesday 15 March, the Association for Students of Egyptology are organising an “Egyptologist Meet and Greet” with Heleen Wilbrink about How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help Egyptologists. It will take place at 6pm UK time / 8pm Cairo time. Sign up here:


The field of AI is rapidly evolving. It is increasingly useful for unlocking heritage worldwide and in different ways. In this talk I will give several examples of how AI can help Egyptologists, students, and enthusiasts with their study of ancient Egypt. The first example is Cleo, the AI Egyptology platform. Cleo makes research easier by integrating multiple museum collections on one platform, offering an AI image search (Computer Vision), and automated translations of the collections in English and Dutch. Cleo currently contains over 45,000 ancient Egyptian objects from multiple international collections: the National Museum of Antiquities (the Netherlands), the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walters Art Museum. Automated translations could be used as well to provide more access to literature on ancient Egypt and related collections in several languages, especially Modern Standard Arabic. These translations will not be 100 percent correct, but they will enable discoverability across international publications.

Heleen Wilbrink is the project leader of museum object search engine Cleo (cleo.aincient.org). Read an interview with her here.

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