Texts and papyri

Abnormal Hieratic Global Portal
Amarna Letters
Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature
Berliner Papyrusdatenbank
Coptic Magical Papyri
Database of Medieval Nubian Texts
Deir el-Medina Database (Leiden University)
Deir el Medine Online (München)
POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online
Ramses Online: an annotated corpus of Late Egyptian
Science in Ancient Egypt
Totenbuch-Projekt (Bonn)
Turin Papyrus Online Platform (TPOP)


Coptic Dictionary Online
Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae

Mummies and objects

e-Coffins: Ägyptische Särge, Mumien und Masken in der Schweiz
Early Egyptian Inscribed Labels
EMINA: Egyptian Mummies in North America
Narmer Catalog
Predynastic Palette Database

Tombs and necropoles

Digital Giza: The Giza Project at Harvard University
Osirisnet – Tombs of Ancient Egypt
Theban Mapping Project


Beni Hassan Visual Dictionary
DemonBase: Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project
Digital Epigraphy Visual Documentation Gallery
MastaBase: research tool for the study of ‘daily life’ scenes in Old Kingdom elite tombs
Meketre: online repository for Middle Kingdom scenes
Oxford Expedition to Egypt: Scene-details Database

Names and people

IFAO Anthroponyms and Genealogy
Persons and Names of the Middle Kingdom
Pharaoh.se – Names of the Pharaohs
Prosopographia Aegypti


AKU-PAL: Paläographie des Hieratischen und der Kursivhieroglyphen
Demotic Palaeographical Database Project
Polychrome Hieroglyph Research Project


AEGARON: Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online
Karnak Project